5 ideas to incorporate gold accents in your home

Gold has a luxurious and extravagant feel about it, which is why a lot of people and designers refrain from using it. However, having gold accents in your home can really bring out some grandeur in the room, and the use of subtle gold can make a certain furniture piece really stand out. Find 5 ideas to get some gold into your home below:

1. Simple gold artwork

Simple gold painting

The best part about this idea is that you can easily do this yourself. A simple white canvas and some gold paint gives you a lot of potential for a great piece that’s all yours. You can also create a piece that suits the room much better than buying one. Or, use some gold foil to add some extra shine and texture to your piece! Create a geometric pattern on a light blue canvas, or create a gold tree on a white canvas. You can buy or create the perfect gold accented piece for your home.

2. Gold Pillows


In previous articles, it’s been stated that the perfect way to spruce up a plain couch or a room that feels empty is with pillows! The best part about filling up a bed or a couch with pillows is that you can add patterns and texture in a subtle way without buying too “out-there” furniture. You can also change the feeling of the room by just replacing the pillows if you feel like something different. The perfect way to subtly incorporate gold into your room is with a lovely patterned, or maybe even textured, pillow on a nice plain couch.

3. Gold nature 

Painted nature

If you’re on a budget or enjoy having natural decor pieces in your home, you can easily just buy some gold spray paint, find some pine cones or twigs in your back yard, and paint them for a beautiful natural piece for your home. Add some gold twigs to a vase with some white stones for a modern look, or paint some thick dried leaves to add to a knick-knack bowl for some colour. You can even use these pieces for special occasions, such as Christmas parties, to add to your festive colour scheme.

4. Gold hardware


Gold is often associated with a classy, more vintage look. Which makes it perfect for adding to your bathroom or kitchen to contribute to the luxurious feel of the room. Imagine a claw foot bath tub, a beautiful marble counter top with a round sink and a gold tap. Paired with some gold accents in the tiles, and you have yourself a gorgeous and majestic bathroom with absolute wow factor. Or, you can even have a dull gold piece to contribute to an industrial look! How about a subway tile splash back, steel and glass cabinets, wood shelves on the bare brick wall and a dull gold tap in a square, raised sink. There’s so much you can do with gold hardware that can contribute to the look you’re going for.

5. Any piece, really

decor pieces

You can incorporate gold onto any piece you like! Buy a simple white vase and paint a gold pattern on it, or paint a frame and put a beloved photo in it or create a gold framed mirror. How about painting some clear bottles gold and using it as a vase? Or even re-do some of your old furniture by painting gold on the surface of an old white table, or paint a pattern on the legs of some dining chairs. There’s really no limit to what you can do with a bit of gold paint or foil and your imagination.

5 ideas to incorporate gold accents in your home

Home Decor Trend: Pastel Colours

The main element in all interior decorating designs is colour. Whether you carefully choose your shades so that they work together, or use barely any colour at all, it was probably the first factor you’ve thought about in your design plan. But like anything in home decor, colour choices follow trends and what’s current fashion; and a trend that’s gaining popularity is the use of pastel colours. Against a foundation of white, pastel colours can really make a room pop and work well with other trends. These colours also make it very easy to create DIY pieces for a personal touch to the space you’re redecorating. Find some pastel inspiration below:

1. DIY Pastel Vases


If you have a couple of wine bottles lying around, why not paint them a fun pastel colour and fill them with flowers? Or use glass coke bottles for that funky vintage feel. As you can see in the picture above, the outside of the glass is still glossy. If you prefer the matte look, paint the outside of the glass with your pastel colour. But to achieve this glossy look, you’ll have to coat the inside of the glass with paint. Obviously, the wine bottle would have a different effect if you were to do this. Just pour some paint in the bottle, making sure that the top of the neck of the bottle doesn’t get any paint spilled on it, and swish it around or turn the bottle upside down to let the paint spread. Repeat a few times until all of the glass is covered. This idea is perfect for that empty space on your coffee table, or maybe you have a mantel that needs some colour.

2. Pastel Pillows


In every house there is a simple couch, maybe even white or cream, that needs a little something to make it pop. Pastel pillows are perfect for this. Pastel colours are nice and subtle, so they would add a bit of colour to your couch without drawing all the attention from the room. Try finding pillows with patterns to add a little something extra to your room. Because pastel is such a huge trend right now, you can easily find some beautiful pillows at places such as Kmart or Target for much less than a designer store.

3. Pastel Appliances


Another current trend is to have a light and bright kitchen, which gives you a lot of opportunity to fill up the space with colour. If you want a vintage feel to your kitchen, adding pastel colours will be perfect against the white background. A superb (and different) way to add pastel to your kitchen is by having pastel counter top appliances! A pastel pink kettle, a pastel blue toaster, and even a pastel green kitchen aid! A trip to Myer or David Jones will definitely provide for some pastel inspiration for your kitchen.

4. Pastel rug


If you have a room with relatively plain furniture or just a lot of white, you can fill the space with colour by adding a pastel rug to the mix. The effect will be extra amazing if you have white floor boards in your house. The best part about pastel colours is that they’re subtle enough to have beautiful patterns on it to bring extra texture to your room. Pair a beautiful pastel rug with some pastel pillows on your white couch, and you have a beautifully coloured room without it being too much.

5. Vintage Decorations


Pastel colours are reminiscent of the past, which makes this colour scheme perfect if you’re into vintage decor. You can easily find an old telephone like the one above in an antique store or even an op shop. Or how about finding a vintage suitcase and painting it, then using it as a cute storage piece. Even finding a cheap book case and painting it a pastel colour would be perfect to keep your classic books in. You can turn anything into cutesy vintage with some imagination and pastel paint.

Home Decor Trend: Pastel Colours

Designer Furniture on a Budget

A house becomes a home when you fill it with furniture that you love and that’s comfortable. But desiring that designer look doesn’t change the price of the designer labels. After watching all those renovation shows you see on TV, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a home that looks like it popped straight out of an interior decorating magazine? Well, with some DIY know how and an eye for cheap style potential, you can make it happen. One piece of budget furniture at a time.

1. Kmart Coffee Table Set of 2 $39

Kmart coffee table set

This coffee table set is reminiscent of designer trends without the designer price tag. The light wood and white surface can be an element to your Swedish design plan, or you can bring out a paint brush and some paint to make it suit any style you want. Paint the surface and the legs a dark brown, then stencil a paisley or fleur de lis pattern in gold and sand over it lightly to create that weathered look common to the Bohemian style. Or why not paint the surface a bright blue, stencil a geometric pattern in tangerine over it and gloss it over for a retro feel that still has an element of modernity? If you can imagine it, you can do it.

2. Kmart Outdoor Set $199

kmart outdoor set

Although the picture above doesn’t do this set much justice, the foundations for a stylish outdoor piece that’s completely your own is there. The simple long edges of this design can provide the base for a beautifully modern outdoor furniture set if you paint it black all over with white or silver edges. Or create a nautical seaside piece by painting it all white with some sea creature themed stencils painted in an ocean blue. Add some rope around the edges if you really want to commit to the nautical theme. The perfect piece to bring the beach to you.

3. Target Folding Chair $12

Target folding chair

A simple white folding chair like the one pictured above adds the potential for an industrial element to your dining table or study desk. If you already have a dining table that exhibits a heavy industrial feel, then just painting the chairs a charcoal colour or dark wood like brown would be enough to finish off the look. The same with your desk if that’s the direction you’re taking. If you want to add more to the industrial style of your dining set, why not add a grate like material to the sides of the chair? This will prevent it from folding, but might also stabilize the chair and add to your modern industrial style. Or, consider leaving the chair white and painting a flower themed stencil in bright colours on the back for an American country style to your dining set or study desk.

Designer Furniture on a Budget

5 white decor pieces to add modern luxury to your home

Modern trends will come and go, but there’s one classic trend that will always add class and luxury to your house: the colour white. White may be seen as boring, or not modern at all, but the genius of using white in your home is to create a plain base to add other colours and patterns on top. Here’s 5 white decor pieces to add modern luxury to your home.

1. White plant pots

cactus pots

White plant pots are great to add some luxury to a room that needs some green attention, especially the bathroom. The best part about getting pots in white is that you can play with geometrical patterns, like the pineapple patterned pots in the above picture. You can also add an accent colour to the pots, like a hint of gold or some pastel accents to suit your aesthetic. Add cactus plants or succulents to the pots for low maintenance and you have a luxurious and green decor piece.

2. A statement arm chair


If your lounge room or bedroom is missing a little something, a statement white armchair is what you need! A white piece of furniture is almost a staple in your lounge room, and this is the perfect piece to add to any lounge room set. Like I said, the advantage of using white is that you can make it the base of your ensemble and add colour and patterns to it. With a white armchair, add a wooden or colour coffee table with a patterned lamp. Then add some luxurious pillows that adds to your colour scheme that works with the rest of the room. It’s the perfect way to fill up an empty space in any room.

3. Painted nature decor

spray painted nature

If it’s just a temporary decor solution for a dinner party, or a permanent fixture in your house, this is the perfect addition to your dining table or kitchen bench. Flowers are so expensive, and they don’t last. Why not find some sticks in your back yard, spray paint them white, and put them in a clear vase for a simple DIY project? You can use pine cones, or find some of the unique seed pods that are native to Australia in your neighborhood for an Aussie twist!

4. White frames

picture frames

If there’s an empty space on a wall somewhere in your home, why not fill it up with some family photographs? Some might opt for a wooden or black frame, but going for the simpler option of white will make your photos pop. For a polished look, go for black and white photos. But for a fun look that will let your photos pop, go for colour photographs. Either way, the white frames will not steal the show from your favourite memories.

5. White bed sheets

bed sheets

The best addition you can add to your bedroom is a white bed set, because you can add more colour and play with patterns without making the room overwhelming. You can also add different textures to your bed to create a well rounded room. In winter, add fur for some extra luxury. And in summer, add patterned cotton blankets to keep cool and add some drama on top of the white sheets. Having white as your base gives you a lot of potential for adding more to the bedroom without it being too much.

5 white decor pieces to add modern luxury to your home

10 DIY ideas for your home

The newest craze in interior decorating is doing everything yourself. From upcycling second hand furniture, to creating something completely new from cheap materials, anything is possible. Not only does it add a polished and personal touch to your home, but it’s inexpensive and a fun hobby to take up.

Here are 10 DIY ideas to get you started, and some inspiration for your home!

1. Create a Mini Coffee Table

1If you enjoy a nice cup of tea in front of the TV, or a morning cup of coffee in comfort, then this little contraption is perfect. So simple, yet so convenient. And the best part? You need very little wood work experience to figure this one out. And decorating the wood makes for a good holiday project for the kids.

2. Upcycle an Old Ladder
4Do you have an old wooden ladder that you’re not sure what to do with? Why not sand it down and give it a quick varnish to give it life, or paint it your favourite colour. Then add some wooden planks through the steps to create an ideal shelf for your home. You can arrange your bath towels for your guests; stack your books on it for an industrial feel to your office; or align some photo frames to display your favourite memories.

3. Spruce Up a Lamp


This simple DIY idea doesn’t just have to be for the kids; you can easily stencil a beautiful pattern onto your lounge room or bedroom lampshade, creating a light illusion in your home. Maybe you can be in a forest with a trees pattern, or a group of animals for the kids? The possibilities are endless.

4. Revamp Some Old Furniture


If you have some old wooden furniture in your home that seem a little out of date, then why not just give it a little make over? Do some research on the material of the furniture you have, and see what’s the best method to re-paint it. Pick a gorgeous white and bring a piece of France into your home. Or, paint it with black board paint to create some fun times for the kids, or just a good place for you to write your reminders.

5. Think Outside the Box

Create this original piece of furniture out of old wooden crates or boxes. Again, you don’t need a lot of wood work experience to figure out how to create something like this, all you need is an urge to experiment with furniture upcycling and a will to try.

6. Find Some Old, Cheap Material and Turn it into Something Amazing

3Cleaning out your garage has never been more fun, now that your old junk can inspire you to create something not only useful, but also something you can brag about. Get creative, and turn something old into something new.

7. Upholster an Old Table9You can turn an old, boring coffee table into a stylish ottoman with some basic upholstery skills and a fresh coat of paint. It’s super easy and super simple, and this idea will look so fabulous in your lounge room, or hall. Add a tray for a cute place to store your cup of coffee, or a good book.

8. Knit or Crochet A Hanging Chair5If you have some mad skills with knitting or crochet, then this project is perfect for you. Create a reading chair, or a relaxing hammock for your backyard. Can’t you just imagine sipping on a cocktail, or reading a magazine in your new favourite chair?

9.  Create a Hanging Bed6

Bring the comfort of your bed outside with this hanging outdoor bed! It’s amazing how far you can go with two old crates or pieces of wood, and some rope. Hang under cover to create a nook where you can watch the rain, or enjoy the shade. But why stop there? Who says this idea is only for outdoors? Hang the bed in your bedroom for a unique sleeping experience.

10. Decorate Something Unexpected2

Who knew you could use an old light bulb as a vase? Paint and fill an empty light bulb for a modern look to your decor. Alternatively, put some fairy lights in an old vase, and paint the outside for a magical light display for your outdoor area. You can use almost anything to create a fresh new idea for your home.


10 DIY ideas for your home

10 dogs ideal for small spaces

For those of us who prefer apartments over houses, worry not. Apartments are great: you don’t have to do yard work, there’s less to clean, and you could score a nice view if you’re lucky. Apartment life is the ultimate blessing for those who work hard and don’t want to “maintain” when they get home.

But it has its downsides: no doggies. Apartment life was really made for cats, but cats are… rude. Dogs make excellent companions, but what if it doesn’t get enough exercise? What if it becomes unhappy in such a small space? And what if it bothers the neighbours with incessant barking?

Don’t fret, because here’s a list to get you started on your research for the perfect apartment dog!

1. Boston Terrier

These little dogs are known as the American Gentlemen, as they are so loving and kind to their owners. They have immense love for their families, especially children and they get along with other dogs. Described as friendly and bright, these dogs are very intelligent and loyal. With just the right amount of energy, a daily walk and play in the off-leash area will do this little guy a lot of good. As for grooming, they require the absolute minimum and they don’t lose hair. Best of all, Boston Terriers are very quiet breeds, making them the perfect breed for your apartment.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These adorable little dogs are a very graceful and gentle breed. Quiet and friendly, they get on well with other dogs and children, and are very calm. A daily walk will keep them happy, and King Charles dogs are obedient and well-behaved with good training. Their coats require minimal grooming, just a brush and a doggie hair cut once in a while will do just fine. The only downside to this gorgeous little creature is a few health problems to watch for, particularly with its eyes. But other than that, these dogs are perfect for apartment life.

3. Coton de Tulear

These dogs are the ultimate love-bugs. Fluffy, charming, and intelligent, they will warm your heart and your bed during those cold nights. These dogs are generally a very healthy breed with all the affection in the world for their favourite humans. Just like the King Charles, this little dog requires minimal exercise and just loves being around other dogs and people. However, the Coton requires a lot of brushing to keep its fur soft and neat, and the occasional hair cut. But the grooming is well worth it, because FLUFFY!

4. Bull Dog

The humble bull dog, as big as it is, actually becomes more placid with age. They’re very quiet and gentle, easy to train, and require minimal grooming. They also have few health problems and make for excellent family pets. They love children and will always be loyal to their humans. The only problem is their lack of energy and will to go for a walk, which can become dangerous if you give in to their laziness. Dogs, just like humans, need exercise to be healthy. So during it’s younger days, make sure your bulldog gets a lot of exercise so it can get used to it.

5. Pug

Possibly the most fashionable dog nowadays, pugs are small enough to enjoy apartment spaces without being too energetic where they become annoying. With those big eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with them! They’re very loving and will win you and your family over with their many charms. The only downside to this adorable little dog is their many known health problems. Badly bred pugs often have breathing problems and require expensive surgery to keep them breathing properly. So before you buy a pug, make sure the breeder has given you a healthy pug.

6. Italian Greyhound

If you’re an active person, this dog is perfect for you. Not only do they like going for long walks, but when they’re all exercised out, they love snuggling on the couch with their favourite humans. They also love to play and are very affectionate to their owners. With very little grooming required and low noise levels, they’re the perfect little dog for your apartment.

7. Pomeranian 

If you love the fluff, then you simply NEED this little ball of fur! And if you want something to groom and coo over, they love the attention. They’re the perfect companion pet because they’re affectionate and intelligent, and they love to chill around the apartment rather than being too active. They’re also surprisingly quiet dogs, only barking when alerted to something.

8. Norfolk Terrier

These cuties seem like they’d be very energetic and playful, but they become placid as they grow into adulthood and only require the usual daily walk to keep them healthy. They’re a great family pet, as they’re incredibly affectionate and loyal, as well as obedient and intelligent. Grooming is minimal, with only the occasional brushing of their fur, and they work well in small spaces.

9. Toy Poodle

Although you have three types of poodles, they only describe their size. In actual fact, all poodle sizes are the same breed and have the same personalities. This breed is probably the most high maintenance on this list, with fur that needs regular professional grooming, even if you don’t want to style it to the standard poodle look. They’re also very active dogs, and they love to run. This dog is for those really active people who are looking for a stylish running buddy. However, beware: if this dog is not well trained, they will become rather vicious towards other dogs and people. But this breed is obedient with proper training, making it the perfect pet for those active people.

10. Adopted Dog

If you’re not too sure about which breed you want, why not take a chance on a homeless dog? Adopting a dog is much cheaper, as most vaccinations and medical requirements are already taken care of. Not only that, but some dogs are already trained and ready for love. All you need to do is pick your next companion and take him or her home.

10 dogs ideal for small spaces

How to rent out or sell your house using just your kitchen

There are many features in a house that can either make a potential buyer or tenant fall in love with it, or turn away. Not so surprisingly, the room that can make or break a sale or rental application the most is your kitchen.

It’s important to remember that having an old and dated kitchen will mean more work and money spending for the future home-owners, which doesn’t appeal to most people. But there are a few inexpensive updates you can do to your kitchen that will allow the potential buyers to imagine themselves cooking and living in it. The best part? You can do most of this yourself.

1. Get as much natural light in the room as possible:1

Take those curtains down, add a coat of light (think white or a pale grey) paint to the walls, or maybe even add a skylight if you’re willing! Natural light is the best thing you can do to enhance a room.

If there’s not much you can do with windows or a skylight, consider just painting the walls or cabinets a very light colour. I can guarantee that this will not only make the kitchen feel bigger and more spacious, but it will also attract a lot of natural light and enhance the brightness of the room. A kitchen with a lot of light really adds to the wow factor of your home.

2. Think of some nifty features for your kitchen:2

A hidden tower of plugs is a great way to impress potential buyers or tenants, along with some other nifty ideas that are inexpensive and easy to install (make sure you ask an electrician to do this for you). You can find these ideas all over the internet, so start researching.

Maybe you decide to build your own light feature out of recycled materials, or maybe a hanging herb garden on the wall? The possibilities are endless. All you need is a feature that will get the potential buyers and tenants saying: “wow!”


3. Give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint or varnish:

A fresh coat of paint or varnish can make any tired old kitchen look as good as new. Maybe even consider a new paint colour, or a darker varnish to update the kitchen a little. Remember, as I said before, lighter paint colours will enhance the brightness of the room.

As for wooden cabinets, a fresh coat of varnish can really make the kitchen look polished and modern. Consider making the wood colour a little darker, which will entice buyers and tenants looking for a classic kitchen that has a modern flair. Although this is a huge job to do by yourself, I promise that the results are worth it.


4. Add a few little touches to make the kitchen more homely:

A little vase of wild flowers, or a bowl with fresh fruit will make your property feel less like a model house and more like a home.

You don’t have to bake a batch of cookies for potential buyers to munch on while they’re walking through your property, but it’s the little details that can make your house seem warmer.

Consider candles and bunches of dried flowers to make the home smell yummy too.

5. Install some clever storage ideas:3

A spice cupboard, some organised plate drawers, or even a hidden dishwasher behind some kitchen cabinets. Clever storage ideas can also wow your potential buyers and tenants, and they will want the kitchen that you’re selling or renting out.

How about a hidden bin cupboard, or some lazy susans in the pantry. Maybe even add some baskets in drawers to put the onions and potatoes.

A rack in the doorway of a cupboard to store bin bags, paper towels, or even chopping boards? How about some magnets to store your knifes on? A DIY hanging dry rack for the wet dishes? Get creative!

66. Keep the design elements simple:

You can go as crazy and as complicated as you like with storage and nifty features for your kitchen in the name of impressing the future home owners. But the most important tip you have to remember when it comes to re-decorating your house to sell or rent out, is that you must create a space where the potential buyers or tenants can imagine their own belongings and style in.

This means that you have to keep the clutter packed away, and you shouldn’t include colours or elements that are too bright or too out there. You might like it, but keep in mind what the potential buyers and tenants would like. A simple, updated kitchen is all you need to impress the future occupants.


How to rent out or sell your house using just your kitchen